buy crippled america by donald trump

This book is simply AMAZING. Everyone one in the country should read it… It’s a total wake up call.



I’m A.C. Armstrong; editor at WhatWILLTrumpDo.com.

I’m just an average schmoe who normally pays ZERO attention to politics, other than to turn the channel. However thanks to “The Donald” I’m officially interested and now a wildly hopeful observer with a sudden, voracious need to know everything Trump on a daily basis.


Hope is an amazing thing.


Hope can create the impetus needed for dramatic and earth-shaking change – as we’ve seen by the absolutely shocking and overwhelming enthusiasm for Trump’s plain talking, brash, “just-get-er-done” and take no prisoners style.

After I finally realized this was not a dream, or a publicity stunt, and faced the fact that FINALLY we actually DO have a President once in my lifetime with the complete skill set to FIGHT FOR US within the always distasteful and often corrupt political fray… there just wasn’t enough time in the day for me to read about this fascinating man.

So I find myself, like many of you… obsessively groping about for Trump News from morning til night, and forced to spend a lot of time on drivel and repetition from the only slightly less arrogant and utterly biased media.


Xt5I believe…


Trump IS equipped with EVERYTHING necessary to be point-man for:

  • Rebuilding our raggedy, unwieldy government FINALLY.
  • Making the “government-for-the-people” functional and beneficial TO the people, as intended.
  • And walking his talk with ZERO intimidation or temptation to sell-out the public for which he serves.


And by the way… who does this?  What billionaire among us doesn’t greedily hoard their knowledge, money, time and energy – especially at this stage of their life – while Rome burns?

The magnanimous, caring, gregarious, entertaining, aggressive, highly-functional WINNING SPIRIT with a killer instinct I see in Donald Trump tells me he CAN do for our country even MORE than he has done in ALL FACETS of his own life.

But will he?  Will he be able to turn the titanic?

I hope it’s not too much to ask!  I’ve got my heart SET on it!

I can’t wait to see exactly WHAT WILL TRUMP DO NEXT?!

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So, here’s to a great 8 years ahead!  😉