What WILL Trump Do?
And what SHOULD Trump do… in your opinion?

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No longer afraid to speak vital, “politically incorrect” truths.

annie-clark-cole-annieclarkcoleAnnie Clark Cole @AnnieClarkCole

Author/ Legend of Panther Holler and Ghost of Panther Holler– Screenwriter/Cajun Fire/ /The Trail Leads

My thoughts at this time are:

  • Don’t let them see you sweat. Trump must not play the victim card, even though he is. Truth doesn’t need defending and never has unless we slip from strong to weak. Trump is a strong leader but this accusations have made him doubt his position.
  • For Christians who are on the fence:  God chose, Moses and David not because they were murderers but because they could lead. God has often times placed men in powerful position not because who they were but because He knew they could lead.
  • We must ask ourselves who the leader is in this campaign. Hillary does not show leadership. She is a follower and has exhibited this with her desire to follow Obama. She has not come up with her own plan of leadership. She prefers to follow Obama who is misguided by thinking he is a great leader. He has done more to hurt this country than any other President, yet Hillary is living with blinders and does not care.
  • Trump is still hung up in the curve of focusing on his enemy instead of how we are going to prevail as a country.

angela-merkel-angela_merkel_1Angela Merkel @angela_merkel_1


merkelInstead of spending lots of money on 30 seconds of TV adds…. why not start fixing the infrastructure of major Cities like Chicago.

—-Hillary talks about building bridges —-


merkel2Also small towns can become a “REBUILD TRUMP TEAM” where the small town starts, locals donate and the “TRUMP TEAM” comes in to help finish the project!

For the (final) debate I think Trump should use lots of Reagan quotes.  Like when Hillary starts to LIE, just say “Here we go again!”


deplorable-april-aghibleanDeplorable April @AGhiblean

He did great at the (second) debate.

Everyone knows he prevailed over the lying Hag.  However the time has come for Mr. Trump to point out the difference between his and her ethical & moral values.

HRC is both unethical and immoral. She isn’t talking about her pro choice stance on pre-term abortion. She is keeping it in the dark. It needs to be brought into the light. I feel from a woman’s perspective even pro choice democrats will find the killing of a baby who is viable outside of the womb appalling. If Mr. Trump can send a message to all saying “A baby that is viable outside of the womb should not be killed inside of the womb”.

With HRC bringing these lying women out of the woodwork in an attempt to make him look like a horrible womanizer it gives him the perfect opportunity to show the people how heartless HRC really is.  No Mother or Grandmother will agree with her stance on pre-term abortion. To seal the deal he will have to come up with a plan that will also appeal to pro choice women.

Perhaps a compromise would be the best way to do that. For example if there were special circumstances like if a woman was raped or if there was a possibility that a pregnancy would put the woman’s life in danger, only then could abortion be a choice.  HRC is already losing some of the Christian votes.

This issue weighs heavily in the minds of God fearing people. It forces them to choose morals, ethics over politics. He needs to push them into making this decision.

To continue to focus on these “fake” woman can only damage his image. That is exactly what the hag wants him to do. She is an expert on psychological warfare. It’s time to beat her at her own game.

michaelwilliamhenze-michael_w_henzeMichaelWilliamHenze @michael_w_henze

Christian, Catholic, Husband, Father of 4, American, Artist Interested in Arts & Culture, Architecture, Gov. & Politics, Photography, Gardening & Wood Carving

I live in Poolesville, MD and unfortunately there’s not much done in this area.

I thought Trump was great in the 2nd debate. The moderators however were terrible especially Ms. Radadtz who seemed to be a 3rd Debater.

I’m married to a Democrat, for 23 years now and I love her very much; she and I don’t discuss politics but all four of our children are Republicans. and will be voting for Mr. Trump!  How I pulled that off is a very long story.  I’m still working on my son’s wife; she’s Hispanic and it may take a couple more years!

Mr. Trump needs to stop his self defense and let surrogates do it!  His emphasis that the accusers don’t meet his standards does not help him!  He should be hammering the substantial issues and giving in depth explanations of how he will solve the problems.


Joyce Blake @joyceblake

Conservative patriot-getting stronger every day! TAM army!

  1. Stay on message.
  2. Don’t take the bait.
  3. Redirect!
  5. Listen to your children.
  6. THANKS for all you and your family are doing for America!
  7. Stay Presidential – talk about what you are going to do for America.
  8. Do NOT talk about these women etc – don’t take the BAIT.
  9. Stay classy! I know it’s hard but they want you to so bad take the bait!
  10. ISSUES – love of America & people.
  11. What are you going to do together with the people
  12. NO – drug testing/rude to these “women”.
  13. NO – prosecuting Hillary/falling in T Square, etc.

odion-obumese-odionobumeseOdion Obumese @odionobumese

TRADOCRACY: An alternative and a better system of government to democracy. It is a four arm system of government. Try Tradocracy, a new system of government.

Mr. Trump must be composed and idealistic in his coming debate. Do not interrupt when Clinton is talking. Answer questions with solutions.

Develop listening skills and explain specific and in details your plans for the country. Have an attractive answer to all questions.

Control your emotion and bring out solution and resolution for antagonism questions from Clinton.

Note that people resist social change. Your philosophy is good and true, but many do understand. Explain in simple terms your philosophy.

And the benefit of your philosophy and your ideology, also the short and long term benefit of your campaign philosophy to the people.

A lot of people misunderstand your philosophy and your campaign ideology, so many are scared because of poor understanding of your ideas.

Good luck.  I will ever support you!!  Thanks.

George Matrai @zoltangy

George Matrai @zoltangy

shall hold a press conference just before the (final) debate with Gold Star parents and the Benghazi victims relatives/parents and place them in the front row the same way he did with the victims!  This will mortify the total wreck who will crash under the pressure regardless how much she will be medicated.

PLEASE DO IT! This country must be salvaged from the punishments, we suffered enough for our stupidity along the last 2 decades!

may ask the crowd on his rallies if they want to hear about the latest allegations and his defense arguments – aka BS attacks against him – or not (like the vicious snake story). If the crowd says yes, go ahead.  I BET ON HIS PRESIDENCY THAT THE CROWD WILL SAY NO!  That will prove how much the MSM backfired and eventually they will stop this disgusting campaign!  SHAME!

  1. Bring up 5 star parents and Benghazi victims’ relatives, sit them in the front row;
  2. Point out that H is a traitor or stupid as Secretary of State;
  3. H “cannot be hired as dog catcher”, proven mishandling state secrets and national security intentionally or just mere stupidity, not qualified;
  4. Based on her severe health problems, electing her means electing Tim Kaine!!!
  5. Everything H touched been destroyed, she is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction for by all means!
  6. DEMs don’t care about or , only power grabbing to cover up the rabble, trash and destruction they have made the last 8 years and seal it for eternity;

rxmillions-rxmillionsRxMillions @rxmillions

(For Final Debate) To any off topic attack: “This is a presidential election, nobody wants to hear or cares about it… no one has died as a result of my words.” IOW don’t take any bait.

The way trump talks and just breezes by huge subjects, it seems he thinks everyone knows as much as he does. I assure you – they don’t.  Nobody knows the stuff we know.  It is not covered on the news. Bring up any Hillary topic to the general public, they have no clue – no idea. He needs to go into a bit of depth from time to time.

(2nd Debate) I always find myself coming up with my own replies and redirects while Hillary’s talking.  This time, he came from a whole other angle each time – one that was completely different than mine, which was welcomed and intriguing because it seemed very good.  He is holding back so much it is a micro suffering for me just watching all the angles and thoughts for his replies, then the one he chooses is revealed… And it’s both hard hit and softball at the same time – quite interesting.  He dumbed it down a little more while keeping it above board.  Not sure it was dumbed down enough but I hope so.

The first question asked by audience… And the only ones who kept trying to make it too gross for TV were the moderators continually hitting those stupid irrelevant questions. It seems he listens to the Internet chatter – I noticed on that “3 against 1” comment he made.  Maybe a highlight for me personally because I felt I was there with him… In the way I was apart of that “meme.”

That might be a hypnotic tool in itself by repeating certain useful memes – pulls the people in who shared and created as if they themselves are running for president. Which actually we are so invested, we really are.

IDK. The (situation with Hillary raping her) is pretty low. John Kennedy Jr. mysteriously crashing into the ocean while running for the NY Senate Seat in 1999 along with Hillary… no.  I think there is enough out there now.  I mean, Bill Might even get indicated for the cocaine smuggling in Arkansas to fund his elections… all that seems to be coming out now.

Hmmm. so sad. IDK 5 minutes on Twitter and there is a whole litany of ammo. From the 1970’s through today. LOL. I look forward to the next (debate). But until then. I have shut off the TV.


Darin Scines @MyBrokerDarin

Real Estate Broker in Southern California.Residential,Luxury,Commercial,Vacant Land,Development. 14 years.

He needs to tell of nuclear threats just this week from Russia… from North Korea…and from Iran… all products of Hillary’s reset..and her and Obama relationships with the world…

We let our friends down and uplifted our enemies…now the world waits to see if we as Americans accept this …or reject it….


capVette @capvette

Inventor, experimenter, entrepreneur… lover of life, exhilaration… OH/FL/UK

There’s a lot of Trump supporters in the Greater Cleveland area.  There seems to be more Trump/Pence yard signs than for the crooked opponent, but we could always use more signs!

Trump won the 2nd debate with his relentless attack, he needs to do even more of that in the coming debate, hit her with all the illegal things she’s done both as Secretary of State & through the crooked Clinton Foundation…

There’s enough material against her in WikiLeaks alone… there’s no need to beat that dead horse Slick Willie…

Even though the FIX is in, along with MSM only attacking Trump, he has the support to be POTUS!..

We must make the best use of these last few weeks to bring it all the way home! Make America great again! 

june-bugg-for-trump-memejuneoJune Bugg for Trump @MeMeJuneO

Country gal, work hard, Christian, #veterans #Constitution #Conservative #NRA #ProLife #Pro Israel. Please 1/20/2017 get here fast! Bye Bye Obama!

President Trump all the way to the White House! Yes, I think it would be fun for Trump to ask Hillary does she still channel Eleanor Roosevelt? It is said that Eleanor Roosevelt comes to Hillary and tells her things. I heard this on my Christian radio station. Talk about evil!

what about donald trump for presidentBikers for Marriage @biker4marriage

Encouraging participation from the biker community and friends in the defense of Marriage as 1 man and 1 woman.

I would like to tell Trump if he wants to win to begin hard core interrogation. Demand answers for the American people. Take lessons from Trey Gowdy.

[Re: The Debate] He did FABULOUS!! Save Benghazi for last and bring the victims families.

I’m sure it’s probably already planned. Bring those 4 soldiers that have been interviewed who tried to help too.

billy sastard @billysastard1donald trump for president

Gamer, Retro Gamer, Games Collector, Defender Of Consumer Rights, Hater Of Digital Content & Miserable Old Bastard

Wow… just watched [the debate].  Trump is landing some massive strikes and Killary is just squirming and relying on the 2 “moderators” to shield her.  This really is fantastic so far as Clinton piles lies on her already proven lies.

Even 3 vs 1 Trump eviscerated her.  Roll on debate #3!

BravoFan2014 @BravoFan2014

BravoFan2014 @BravoFan2014

As an American I am with TRUMP.  You don’t have to like it, don’t have to read it, stay off my feed. Keep America Safe.  Again only Donald Trump.

I know Donald Trump.

My father worked for him in the 80’s at the Commodore, and I have visited my dad at Union Local 638 Pipefitter – Union Strong. When Donald mentioned the 72nd and 70th street on the Westside of NY I cried my eyes out.

When he put that building up he noticed one day that the CONCRETE was wrong. Ivana, then Donalds wife, purchased breakfast for all and Donald and Ivana wanted to know what was going on but the advice they wanted was from the workers. Dad watched as he treated them all with the utmost respect and told them, “Nothing less than perfect.”

A week later the entire concrete was ripped up; a new base was to be poured. He does not skimp, he does not waste time, but most of all my dad and all the guys were treated as Neurosurgeons.

RESPECT is Donald’s first name.

I love him.

First of all I think Trump will vamp up our Military presence and make security and law and order a top priority by manning airports, seeking out veterans and train them on the top intelligence standards and work with the FBI with a new regime.

I think he will work hard to put our nations unemployed back to work and give incentives to companies who train people who have been outsourced or whose skills have been replaced by computers.

I think he will demand that America’s Healthcare industry make Autism a covered benefit and make schools responsible in better ways other than common core which must be thrown out.

I think he will take CEO’s, chairmen or anyone who embezzles money or commits a crime premeditated (Example – Madoff) and force strict consequences on them and their future.

what about trump for president

Sherry @tinksalot

Love my God…family… animals …Proud to be an American!!

(Regarding Hillary)  I, as a white straight female, am scared to death of her.

I am scared at what she will let into this country… what else will be dumped on my back to take care of her laziest supporters and more… scared she never tells the TRUTH.

We are doomed as she has already bought the office.

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American Citizen @AmericanCitiz14

American Citizen @AmericanCitiz14
Retired RN and Marine Mom

American Citizen pic 2




@realDonaldTrump might save other veterans

who might die from PTSD and suicide

like my beloved son, Tanner.



lisa-hauser-hauserlisa1Lisa Hauser @hauserlisa1

#BenCarson #PropagandaIsKillingAmerica #KeepUpTheFire  #MyFaithVotes #CommonsenseSolutions #TimeForChoosing  #Trump2016 #TruthIsNotPolitical


I hope you can pass this recommendation on to his team:

His campaign needs staff members (or a PAC) whose sole objective is to educate Americans on how compassionate and charitable Trump has been over the years. He has helped Tamoressi, Pastor Saeed, our veterans, etc.

There are many Republicans who have been convinced by the MSM that he is uncaring, rude, etc. His campaign must fight back and combat the misrepresentation. Many Republicans are so uninformed and did not watch the convention speeches.

Anna Marie @BananaAnna4

Anna Marie @BananaAnna4

Native Californian – Born and raised in SF Bay Area. #SF49ers #SFGiants

Hello, I just really enjoyed his speech today at the Veterans convention, and his presence and demeanor today is what I would like to see more of. I know I’m not the only supporter who feels this way…

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Donna Lawlor @don47

Donna Lawlor @don47

Retired Conservative in a very Blue State! Concerned for the future of my Family and Country! All in for Trump! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

He’s rewriting the rules on how to run a Campaign, and he’s winning!!

So enjoyable to watch him run circles around the MSM! #MAGA

Maximillian C. Duncan @PoliticsandFact

Maximillian C. Duncan @PoliticsandFact


I think that Donald Trump is a true American patriot and someone who can be trusted to hold the office of President. He stays true to his word and is not afraid to state his opinion which are values that everyone should live by.  I truly think he is the future of America and will lead America and the entire world into a new era of prosperity for everyone.

Cher @cherylm14077833

Cher @cherylm14077833


I hope and pray for a level headed Trump, once in the White House.

I want what he wants… Excellent veteran care, no radical Muslims in our country. I believe if Mexico can build a wall, so can we, and should. I’d like to see medical Marijuana legalized in all states.

I don’t want our Social Security comprised. The government keeps taking more money every year out of people’s pensions and social security. Something has to be done about high paying jobs at the top.

I believe these are things he will address. And exterminate ISIS!

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Gary De Capua @gwdecapua

Gary De Capua @gwdecapua

The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.

Trump is about AMERICA FIRST; Borders, Language and Culture (from Michael Savage).  This must be done plus fix Washington D.C. and weed out the Criminals.

Libby @libbster219

Libby @libbster219

Refuse to be PC. I will not be Silenced!Proud mom of an ARMY Soldier. NRA member. #BlueLivesMatter

I pray that Mr. Trump can play hard ball & look professional doing it.

The Clinton team needs to be brought down with Mr. Trump being a hero in public opinion.

Mark C. Pizzolato @mcpizzolato

Mark C. Pizzolato @MCPizzolato

Worked with Tim Brando, in the 70’s. In broadcasting 47 years! My brother Victor’s marker, passed away a few weeks back. Love you Vic! Raised by a Marine.

Website:  BadBroadcasting.com

My brother, Victor PIZZOLATO Jr., was a writer, a graduate of LSU- Shreveport and was a big Rand Paul supporter.  So it surprised me, that when Donald Trump entered the race, that my brother threw his support behind Trump.

I remember asking him “Why”, he answered by saying that he had read a lot about him, and determined that he was actually running because of love of America.

My brother’s further explanation was that Trump has a name; big enough to defeat Hillary Clinton.

My brother explained to me that Trump would be lied about, made fun of, would be called a racist, a bigot and a homophobe, and so far my brother Victor has been right with everything that has taken place so far.

My brother was a copy editor for The Worcester Gazette in Massachusetts for fifteen years.  He was brilliant.  Talking to him about anything was like talking to a human Google Machine.

Well, my brother passed away January 22nd of this year, and I’m so hoping that Trump wins the election.

He said he would, and I believe him.

When Mr. Trump talks about how much he misses his brother, I believe him, and can relate to him.

For the good of Americans, let’s vote for Donald J.Trump.

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Hello @ACHopkinson
Hello @ACHopkinson

Your integrity is your destiny it is the light that shines your way. Heraclitus

Hammer home the absolute corruption in the DNC and the harboring of illegal immigrants inside the DNC.  https://t.co/MKpuNVFCmk

With the DNC hatred of the American Flag and how it doesn’t matter who hacked the emails, the fact remains they rigged the process to elect Hillary and you damn well better believe she knew about it… she Hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz to buy her silence!

George Matrai @zoltangyGeorge Matrai @zoltangy

Isn’t it curious that nobody questioned Hillary’s infidelity spree that led to Bills women issues?

Then Hillary subconsciously took revenge on the girls “cheating” on her with Bill? Is this couple in a sick sexual symbiotic existence known in psychopathology disorders (Freud) ?

No one addresses her lesbian promiscuous life for good reasons that was and is the primary ground of all their averted pervert scandalous sex practices pushing each other to the extreme then Hillary cleans Bill’s used and dumped trash. Quite obvious pattern …

So Hillary has two cards, the “woman card” and the “gay/lesbian card” that no one was brave or smart enough to attack … However, that is Hillary’s “Achilles heel”, that must be attacked to prevent her to reach the WH, for the sake of our country and for the survival of the civilization as we know it.

Hillary being a woman and gay/lesbian has zero respect and acceptance in the Muslim world including Russia and a few other countries. She will be the soft spot of our country and by statute she will finish the demolition of USA. That is the reason the current POTUS pushing her, so no more to be done left just wait till the snow ball becomes a horrific destructive avalanche. That is the reason she is still surviving her criminal activities …

Irisn Nomad @irishnomad1Irish Nomad@IRISHNOMAD1

PROUD AMERICAN. Proud Texan.Proud Irish woman.Conservative.Feral cat rescue. Pilot. NRA member Constitutionalist. Loves 60s-80s music. Luvs Vertical aircraft.

I want him to do what he say’s he’ll do.

No back peddling, no changing sides. Give us a president we can be proud of and have confidence in, and give us back America. Stop the influx of illegals and refugee’s and build that wall.. Don’t make all of us who supported him look like idiots and fools.

He’s got what it takes.. I just want him to use it..

RCK @RonKyle4203RCK @RonKyle4203 

Husband-Dad-Work in Aerospace Industry-Trump4President-Amateur Radio Operator-Following Trump Supporters Nevada, USA

…They are paid protesters who don’t know why they are doing what they’re doing other than collecting a paycheck for doing it.

They are being funded by George Soros and the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as the GOP and Cruz campaign. That’s what I think is happening.

It’s not going to work though. Neither is a Brokered convention. Trump is just to popular and with each protest he gains more supporters.

If the GOP does try to take it away from Trump, there will be revolution in this country.

Marty @The_Blue_N_GoldMarty @The_Blue_N_Gold 

Just a regular guy who loves God, Family, Country, and The Buffalo Sabres …got lotsa love for the Bills too!

Hey, I’m just waiting for a leader who will actually do what he says for once! Because he’s his own man (not owned by another billionaire or Corporation)

I think he is the closest thing we’ve seen to an “honest” politician. I just hope if he gets elected, he stays true to himself, his word, and America!!

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Don Wulf Yamada @DonWulfy718Don Wulf Yamada @DonWulfy718

Near North Chicago New York 10 Yrs. Honolulu -30 yrs. Old Neighborhood Guy Chicago We should all unite to show our conservative discipline!

Take a position of power & run the campaign the same way you would go after a big deal.

You would always try to pick the location for sensitive discussions. Your advantage! You NEVER WOULD CHOOSE UIC TO CONSEMATE A DEAL. You always should know what you are going up against.

Bill EYRES is a terrorist & a professor at UIC. That is Obama’s War Zone. I grew up in Chicago & would never pick a venue SOUTH of the Ohare Airport. You might have a smaller audience, but so what?

You guys are doing a great job & other than venues for rallies, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE A THING! The lightweights in the media are not very bright & will burn out.

At some appropriate date IMPLY THAT YOUR TEAM IS EXPLORING A NEW 24 HR. CABLE STATION! True or not, it will drive FOX CRAZY!

My father lives in Naples,Fl. & you would get his vote by saying as a FIRST STEP YOU ARE GOING TO SET UP A TIERED INCREASE IN SOC. SEC PAYMENTS BY AGE. I.e. $25 a month over 75 yrs old $35 over 80 & $45 over 85yrs old.  IT WILL DRIVE THE LIBS CRAZY & YOU WILL BE CALLED A 2nd Bernie.

I have many other ideas, but I am sure you are already bored.

injoyfulhope @injoyfulhope1injoyfulhope @injoyfulhope1

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

I voted for G.W. twice, would have a third time.

Fact: he was not up and running, and 911 happened during his presidency, Mr. Trump refers to reign. He started a war and if so should have prepared beforehand to finish it. His resolve mirrored his fathers inability to convince our allies that staking Saddam’s heart on a pole and waving it around would convince our allies the America that crushed Hitler was no different. Instead he walked the tightrope between donors and the American people wanting his cake and eat it too.

I pray for Mr. Trump because he is battling the evil forces that pleasure themselves defrauding the world.

This evil is commandeered within our own political system and media regardless of supposed political affiliation.

It’s not 140 characters my friend but I hope you as I do appreciate the same truth. Trump or Bust! praise be to Christ! peace+

Sue Sabo @SueSabo

Sue Sabo @SueSabo


I Love everything Donald Trump stands for:

  • Going take care of our veterans and build our military,
  • Make over on health care,
  • Build a wall so we will have a country,
  • Lower taxes,
  • Get rid of common core education.

He is a truth speaker, no hidden secrets. He loves America and the people.

I have voted many years, but never been so excited with any one else running for president as I am with Donald Trump. I believe he will be the best president that America has seen in years to Make America Great Again.

Pam Thomas @chvylvr197325Pam Thomas @chvylvr197325

I have 2 wonderful kids. I like to Fish, Hunt, Dance, watch NASCAR, I’m intrested in the Paranormal, TWD, The Big Bang Theory and of course my COWBOYZ!!!!   Arkansas, USA

What I want to see is the Borders to be closed, Better Health Insurance instead of this ObamaCare crap, better jobs and I believe it will happen.

I know Trump will win 😀


Tyler Cheech Reed @big_cheech52Tyler Cheech Reed @big_cheech52 

KS born but the good life is where I call home!! DIE HARD HUSKERS FAN!!!! U.S Army Veteran   York, Nebraska

I’m a very big Trump supporter.

His work or attention to the needs to the veterans like myself is a huge plus.

His attention to the border and the shutting down of the refugees is huge also. My family is Mexican but we are American due to the going about it the LEGAL way.

His lack of or non existent political correctness is down right fabulous.

I’m sick and tired of the butt hurt people getting away with everything and the law abiding citizens doing the right things becoming the problems…

And the criminals becoming the victims while the cops are being labeled bad and dirty. So many things to mention.

Murphy @Sammurphhy2

Murphy @Sammurphhy2

holly xxx

I just hope Trump gets in power and sorts the country out!

The economy is ruined and he’s the only one that can help!!!

Gary Dean Leigh @gdeanleighGary Dean Leigh @gdeanleigh

liberal injury lawyer chicago 25+yrs, gay, smartphones, news, art, docus, Lockup, 63, total Dem until ParisIslamicTerrorism, Obama & Clinton must go, Go Trump

  • My priority with Trump is defeat and destroy ISIS.
  • Next is no muslim refugees.
  • Third is stop all Muslim immigration until it is safe and a real system is in place to investigate each one.
  • Fourth is to stop Mexican illegals.
  • Fifth is to restore our military strength, and standing.
  • Last, rebuild our economic strength for us, no one else.  Quit treating Middle East with kid gloves. Don’t do anything 4 them. Let them fight each other as long as not threat to U.S.

Patricia Gonzales @rgvgal47

Patricia Gonzales @rgvgal47

Will fill you in later … busy tweeting!

  • Stop mass immigration!
  • Fix broken economy!
  • Set up full border wall between USA and Mexico!
  • And more!


I would love for him to take care of the working man’s back this country was built on.

And only pay welfare to American citizens.

Cut foreign aid.

If we fight we take it over.

And stop the queen she cost us anuff

Cinders2 @realCinders2Cinders2 @realCinders2

widow, 2 sons, 2 daughter in laws, 7 grandkids, love animals, conservative, christian, happy

  • secure border
  • reform taxes
  • bring jobs back
  • reduce waste/fraud and depts in DC
  • get rid of lobbyist

Rev Dr Frank E Valle @PastorFrankVallRev Dr Frank E Valle @PastorFrankVall

Back to old time values. Like In God We Trust no matter who opposes.

Mr. Trump to Lead us to a brighter future.

Eliminate taxing of Social Security Checks. Retirees have already paid taxes on this money.

Mr. Trump for President. 😇🙏🇺🇸⚓️

Jacob Bible @JacobBible54Jacob Bible @JacobBible54

America, love it or leave it

I want any illegal immigrants to be shipped back to where they came from.


RareGem @quiet1selfRareGem @quiet1self

Simple……..America needs Fresh ideas!!

Someone to rock the boat and be the leader America needs!!!


Vicki @Vicki_7777Vicki @Vicki_7777

Christian independent – Bible teaches do not judge & be kind to one another, pro-Israel, pro-military protect the Constitution – I Love USA! #Trump2016

My hope is for America to remain the leader of the free world.

If America falls the world is doomed to violence & misery, dreaming of greatness will be replaced with nightmares and every life that was sacrificed to ensure our freedom will have been in vain.

The GOP has failed the voters, they arrogantly believe the will of the people is negotiable and democracy, in their view is doing as you’re told without question, without compromise, without a future for our children.

Conservative Barry @GOP_BarryConservative Barry @GOP_Barry

I support Donald Trump’s policies.
For me, his two most important policies are:

1) Negotiate Fair Trade deals:
To ensure that our trading partners apply the SAME low tariffs on our exports as we apply on their imports to us.
As well as negotiate Trade Deals that prohibit currency manipulation (which harms our workers).

2) Payoff the National Debt:
Currently, the National Debt is $159,693 per taxpayer (http://www.usdebtclock.org )
It is not fair to pass on that debt to our children and grandchildren.  Greece is the perfect example of the devastation that awaits countries that recklessly increase their Federal National Debt.

R. U. Honest @ru_honest1R. U. Honest @ru_honest1  

ONLY solution 2end corruption in our government N open doors 4 honesty 2 shine through. Trust me means something here!! I CHOP DOWN LIES!! AND PLANT TRUTH!! U?

  1. Find honest patriots willing to run for Congress who will voluntarily take regular polygraph so WE can “TRUST BUT VERIFY!”
  2. Support them and elect them into Congress! ( LIARS IN CONGRESS WILL NEVER AGREE SO THAT MARKS THEM AS LIARS RIGHT THERE). If there is a patriot opponent who will voluntarily polygraph that person will win in landslide because we all would vote for guy who would polygraph!!! 30 study shows 90% of you would vote guy who would polygraph into office. WHO WOULD YOU VOTE FOR??? Guy who will or guy who won’t???
  3. Pass this idea around. DM it to whoever. Contact me vie following me @ru_honest1 then DM me for more ….”HOW CAN I HELP??” Info you can do…..or….need to know!
  4. Idea is to rid Congress of bought, paid for, or threatened/ blackmailed incumbents in this election…. With a honest willing to prove it NEW BREED of HONEST Congressman!!
  5. Polygraph is nearly 100% or more accurate than you been led to believe. Know that fear of polygraph will weed out insecure liars who will not run against guy who will polygraph!!! What argument besides old urban legends can they use when polygraph is used like crazy in Washington by FBI CIA homeland security and in Trumps world too of business. TODAYS Polygraph IS To good a tool not to be used to properly AND continually AND voluntarily get to VET our ELECTED government for corruption we all know is NOW rampant there! Shine the light of POLYGRAPH on their TREASONOUS LIES USED against us. Find out if they are being manipulated??
  6. Retweet this to new folk who you meet or know are tired of corrupt gov. 90+% of Americans are. We sure could use Trumps support/blessing for “THE IDEA”, if any of this is to reach general population…..VIRAL would help open idea up for discussion. Your not only one who likes/loves idea of politicians polygraphing.
  7. Not a good idea for any past present or future Presidents to polygraph! Let that be a choice of pure heart without machine confirmation. Let HONEST CONGRESS be our guard or eyes on Presidents! Presidents need total freedom! And the use of lies if THEY feel/ justify need it necessary. Or they can step up too. Nothing wrong with TRUST BUT VERIFY…
  8. Know that I TRUST Trump. And don’t need polygraph to do so!! Trump has my VOTE!!! But Congress and Senate are more in my face/neighborhood. So I may need that offer from my potential Congressman to polygraph to get my confidence enough to vote for them.
  9. DM this. DM this. DM this. Free US/Congress from liars!

Joe Petri @enoughisEnoug13Joe Petri @EnoughisEnoug13 

I love America. I want the same opportunities that I’ve had for our children. Opportunities are fading thanks to the RINOs and liberals. Let’s unite patriots!   New Jersey

Trump’s ground game was adequate in NH but he needs a major step up from now on.

He has to be ready for the mass attacks that the evil establishment is preparing to throw at him.

Elizabeth For TRUMP @Eliz_HightowerElizabeth For TRUMP @Eliz_Hightower  

Web developer w/21 yrs. exp. Born-again, surrendered Christian. Previously 11 yrs/Webmaster/Perimeter Church & 7 yrs/NAMB. Current Freelancer. TRUMP2016!  Georgia, USA

Our family has served & given their lives for America. My grandfather is entombed on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, William E Tisdale. My uncle was a Captain in the Green Beret in Vietnam and received a Purple Heart among other awards for his bravery and service. My father served in the army in World War II. My father-in-law was a Commander in the Navy. My sister is a former Army nurse. Unfortunately I am disabled but we’ve all paid a price.

We have too much at stake to let corrupt politicians destroy this nation! I’m voting for Donald Trump to support his goal to Make America Great Again!

Please pray that God will save & protect America.

  • Build the wall, and make Mexico pay for it,
  • Deport illegal’s,
  • Find & deport refugees from Muslim countries,
  • Stop unvetted refugee infiltration,
  • Deport Muslims who do not assimilate and become true Americans (this means pledging allegiance to the US),
  • No sharia law in the US,
  • Investigate and infiltrate mosques in the US,
  • Vet & follow all visa visitors,
  • Basically obey our existing immigration laws!
  • Lower business taxes,
  • Make better trade deals,
  • Repeal Obama care,
  • Repeal Obama’s executive orders,
  • Defund PP & Sanctuary cities,
  • Sign Kate’s law into effect.
  • Save Medicare,
  • Take care of our veterans,
  • End common core,
  • Cancel the Iran deal & reinstate sanctions,
  • Address North Korea’s long-range missile booster testing,
  • Build up our military properly,
  • Go after ISIS with intelligence,
  • Protect US from EMP attacks.
  • Prosecute Hillary and Obama!
  • Clean up the corruption in Washington!
  • Light a fire under the GOP!
  • Tell America who the bad apples are in Washington so we can vote them out!
  • Protect Christians and Jews from persecution.
  • Bring “Merry Christmas” back to America!
  • Reverse current deal & Hold Morgan Stanley executives responsible for their illegal actions and not penalize the innocent shareholders!
  • Call out and prosecute or impeach corrupt governors such as is the case in Chicago, and hold accountable those decision-makers responsible for the Flint water poisoning. In other words choose a Justice who will actually have integrity and honesty, and go after corruption.
  • Start a real war on drugs!
  • End this “One World Order” crap!

I could go on…

Susan Brooks @greatagain4

Susan Brooks @greatagain4

I AM FOR TRUMP. THERE’S NO OTHER CANDIDATE LIKE HIM. CANDID, BRUTAL, KIND, self confident , trustworthy, insightful and honest. He’s our VOICE!!

I’m such a TRUMP supporter!! America is angry. The will of the people is gone.


Okay, what Trump will do.

  • Trump can & will restore our Country’s greatness, our self respect with other nations.
  • He’ll keep us SAFE at all costs. There’s no doubt in my mind on this. Borders, stopping the Syrian refugee influx which is highly suspicious because most are strong, able men.
  • He will back our police, my son being one & will stop the daily killing of our policeman.
  • He will bring back a morality which is sorely missing!!
  • He’ll make GREAT DEALS saving us billions.
  • He will help our WONDERFUL VETS and restore the pathetic Veterans Administration that this president as ruined.
  • He uses COMMON SENSE LEADERSHIP that not only do we need but other nations admire.

God Bless


Liton @litogre

Litogre @litongre  London


Control Islamic terrorist groups.


Ms. Dubbieu @dubbieuMs. Dubbieu @dubbieu

I CARE! Life Line: 0 to 20 years old – conditioning phase; 21 to 40 years old – experiencing my conditioning phase; 41 to present – reinventing myself!

I think Trump has the skills to turn the nation around. Unfortunately, I don’t think he has the heart or even a partner to bring out a creative turn about. He would need a change agent with an imagination that demos wit, intellect, and motherly instinct with the balls to stand beside him as Vice President to tell him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and spank his behind when he is misbehaving!

Here’s the most unorthodox idea. How about Trump the rest with a Queen of Hearts. Pair Trump with the ideal woman. A woman who everyone can relate like someone who has experienced despair, addictions, suicide, DFACS, abuse, and God yet still worked big 4 twice & businesswoman like me. It’s just the kind of strategy to catch the other politician slipping and turn the heads of the American people. I voted for Reagan as a little girl sitting in the living room with my parents–a hvac tech & housewife. I grew up & pulled in 300k in 2008 when others fell on their face.

That’s also the year my ex-husband committed suicide a month after our divorce and giving me 2 black eyes and a broken nose.

I like to play chess! Let Trump know I am seeking a job position. Vice President would look great on my resume and why not pair with a businesswoman rather than just another politician! I can deal with crude assholes. I’m married to one already. 😘💋

Ronald @Ronald PlatekRonald @RonaldPlatek

God, guns, love, and rock and roll! NRA endowment member constitution forever pro life pro gun 2nd amendment God bless all all lives matter

z_VS-dFINo one ever brings this up, that it is our money – tax payer dollars -paying the government to do nothing.

Evidence shows that Congress should’ve impeached Obama already; IRS fraud, paying illegals tax returns, our veterans homeless while they gave 150 billion to Iran – a country that burns our flag, supports terrorism.  

This should’ve never happened.

Trump can fix these problems and indict and prosecute those involved.


S. Mak @SMak08166216S. Mak @SMak08166216

Stay focus    Newark, NJ

Erase student loans… think that really help a lot of unemployed grads/erase student loan penalty …

if they serve in government, loan forgiveness; encourage grads to join government services! Think it would help a lot.

Current administration bailed out the student loan lenders with tax payers money! The administration could of bail out grads. Give back to those who worked hard. Think that’s fair!

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Lorena Martinez @abc123LorenaLorena Martinez @abc123Lorena

I’m a big supporter for Mr. Trump. Pushing conservative values, 2nd Amendment, and our Veterans. Glad to be in the same team.  Stockton, CA

Working to make America great again with TRUMP 2016!!

Help by doing your part!!

Help new voters to register, help get people to the polls….even if not part of the big campaign it’s OUR COUNTRY we are taking back!

Be the boots on the ground to help save us all from corrupt politics. Thank you!!!

Peter Almeyda @BlueShooterPeter Almeyda @BlueShooter

I love Marvel and DC, especially their movies. Walking Dead fan. I also like to play video games and do YouTube.  Miami itunes.apple.com/us/book/season…

Trump is the best man we’ve got with strong views towards illegal immigration and how we can stop it.
He’s also the most experienced business man in the line up which is a plus in terms of how to make our county bright and great again!

Jim Ostrom @SaveUSA2014Jim Ostrom @SaveUSA2014

Conservative. Pro-Life. Author. America is the last best hope for Freedom. Let’s Save America. View my YouTube video @ jimostrom.blogspot.com

It is obvious we need secure borders.

The Vatican has a secure border with a wall built around it. Israel has a wall. And China knew to build a wall centuries ago.

Would this secure everything on our southern border? No. Though what a great start.

We do have a Muslim problem. 3.3 million Muslims live in America. That’s 1% of the population. Though we have experienced the California massacre in December. Ft. Hood? And 9/11? In a recent survey, 25% of those Muslims surveyed said violence against infidels to advance jihad was acceptable. Just consider that figure for a moment.

Our military has been decimated. I just hope we have time to rebuild it. I have my doubts.

All I want from an administration is to create a good business environment by which employers can hire people and people who want to start a business can without the regulations by government which deter doing so.

And then a government which will protect its citizens, both domestically and internationally.

It’s pretty simple. And something the Obama regime has never done. Be well. Jim

Psychine Mitchell @sheenaj64Psychine Mitchell @sheenaj64

Presidential Candidates: Bushes start unnecessary wars, Clinton was running our country, but him and his wife are proven liars.. Ted Cruz your scripted, Bernie enough of the welfare free stuff. Rubio…..yea right. where all ready in tyranny.gay marriages,whole country gets high.

Trump we need you.  Sternness. Structure.

Backcountry Bug-Out @BackcountryBug

Backcountry Bug-Out @BackcountryBug

  USA  linkedin.com/in/respect

I’m wondering if Trump is the reset button for the nation to bring us together(ish), unapologetically rising back to the greatest nation on the planet and reminding us that it’s OK and expected to be proud of being American!

Mrs Dianne Kirkwood @di2_ORMrs Dianne Kirkwood @di2_OR

Jesus follower, Conservative, anti-Obummer Fascism, Trump2016!   Oregon, USA

Fix trade deficits, build the wall, deport illegals, not let Syrians come move here, sane tax plan, unify our nation again, protect followers of Jesus Christ, rebuild our military, get good judges in, get jobs back, get companies back from out of country, start paying our debt, be frugal with we the peoples money, drill for oil here at home, build refineries, balance the Fed budget, get rid of massive corruption (clean house) in Congress&Senate and Judiciary, put Killary in prison, clean out Medicare scams, welfare scams, fix our corrupt voting system, get rid of Fed control of schools and Common Core

I could go on and on but I won’t, that’s plenty right there.
I pray for our Donald’s and his dear families protection for the powers that be want him gone. We will have civil war if that happens I think.
We are all very angry about what has happened to our country for we remember when we were the greatest nation in the world, a Christian nation with morals, #1 in education, #1 military, the Land of Opportunity was what we were called.

We are in our mid 60’s now and it is a crying shame that America is tanking, literally circling the drain. God and our Trumpster are our only hope.

George Matrai @zoltangyGeorge Matrai @zoltangy

Thank you for asking and I am delighted to give specific thoughts regarding Trump.

Experimenting how the social media is going to be the tool to manifest the global consciousness of the human race and ultimately divide those who go left or right in the judgment protocol!

Fascinating transformation happening before our bare eyes being part of it! That is the reason Evil will not win, and the current power structure is getting demolished by the hours as this election progresses. We are truly the greatest nation on the face of the earth!

Trump cannot be understood and figured out, not even his own beloved exemplary family can comprehend what he is doing.

He cannot exist without being continuously wired to the information matrix. Look at his rallies, his core slogans and specifics are manifested by the public masses provided information feedback. Therefore, Trump is continuously evolving in consequence unbeatable!

Trump was very honest at the beginning answering questions truthfully like “I got a special brain”, “l am brilliant” “getting the information from the media”, all bloody truth! That is the reason he gets caught in childish tweets and retweets, seemingly out of context

Observe how he speaks, impossible to follow unless you have the same brain wired into the same matrix.

He has difficulties to come down to the level of common understanding so the journalists never get a full sentence response, because his brain is way ahead based on the meaning he just created!

The force truly awakened, and we just can hope and pray that the people are truly become part of the matrix through the social media

Seemingly different angle, the people are still shy to come out of the closet so to speak, or still afraid or like kids who got caught not behaving as expected being PC.

We will see an accelerated evolution of this phenomenon of the force awakening ( outsiders like Bernie may call revolution).

Trump will win with larger and larger margin in each coming states, that will prove the observation being correct !

Lance McNees @lcmcnees24Lance McNees @lcmcnees24

Saved by grace, 24 yrs old, Katherine Leigh has my ❤️ till kingdom come…Courage doesnt alway roar  amway.com/lcmcnees24

I feel he will help economic growth… He will rebuild or military and help institute an effective policy for immigration…

My honest opinion he’s the best candidate out there simply because he is blunt and doesn’t hold anything back

Margaret White @MidgeSpeaksMargaret White @MidgeSpeaks

Retired from 43 years as a banker. I believe in common sense, personal accountability and civility. Not so much political correctness, Trump for me!

Build the wall, bring overseas investment back, jobs, protect America, protect Christians, economic power, Fix schools, fix American infrastructure. Stop progressives, reverse Obama care. Stop the madness.

Tennessee for Trump @Tenn_for_TRUMPTennessee for Trump @Tenn_for_TRUMP 

Sadie  www.facebook.com/tennesseefortrump

Key things I would like to see, and that I know Mr. Trump is capable of:

  1. Running our economy like a business, which it essentially is.  As a business owner, I recognize that you cant spend more than you take in; and so does Mr. Trump
  2. Do away with political correctness.
  3. Change the military rules of engagement. We spend way too much money occupying area’s for way to long due to rules that tie the hands of our military.
  4. Promote a more traditional America
  5. Have a first lady that doesn’t automatically feel that since her husband is president she can take over our kids lunches or more recently; run for president.
  6. Take care of our veterans and not base their interest’s on campaign donations.

I could go on forever……

TheRealIgganorent @IgGaNoReNtTheRealIgganorent @IgGaNoReNt  

Owner of , , rapper, producer, marketing and leadership development, travel,    Medford, OR   reverbnation.com/IgGaNoReNt 

I believe that trump has the skill and resources to pull us out of the economic slump we are in.

As Americans, we have to ask ourselves who we are prepared to have at the helm during what is going to be a historic financial and military upheaval that is bound to happen in the next few years.

Countries like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea etc. all want to see the U.S. taken down to a third world level. Now is the time when we need a proven leader and negotiator with experience in foreign relations and policies with a proven track record to really get in there and make the changes that will make this country great again.

Katherine Daigle @KatherineDaigleKatherine Daigle @KatherineDaigle

Conservative Republican Christian Pro 2nd Amendment AD 74 Candidate

I know Trump will be great for our economy, illegal immigration, security and strong military force.

A psychological quirk known as the “bystander effect”, while it may not be intuitively obvious at first, we see this in politics. Imagine a wise, enlightened politician (assuming that isn’t an oxymoron!) runs for public office, with policy proposals that are so brilliant and inspired, people feel compelled to support them.

He has an opponent with a fervent following, but the wise man is winning handily, with polls showing solid double-digit leads.

Everyone is ecstatic – but also complacent. When election day comes, most of them figure the support is so strong, there’s no need for them to actually come out and vote. Someone else – or rather, lots of someone elses – is taking care of it, so they don’t have to.

The candidate loses; most of the people wanted him in office, but not enough of them did anything about it.

I myself am running for public office. A strong conservative voice,I believe that I can help restore the values of self-reliance and individual freedom that so many places within our nation – and our nation itself – are now lacking.

I believe we can overcome the bystander effect. Every person lying prone on the sidewalk deserves to have a caring person ask whether they’re alright, every drowning victim deserves to hear the reassuring splash of someone jumping in after them.

We need to stop this thought process that tells us “someone else” will do the work that WE need to do. We need to take responsibility, roll up our sleeves, and get our own hands dirty doing what it takes to make the world better.

I am trying to do my part, asking for the honor and privilege to serve. But I need your help. Please visit and take a part in the change, one city at a time


by Rafael Shmatko  @rafshmatko 

Shmatko Nikolai Gavrilovich, the King of Marble, a professor, was born and creates his works of art in Ukraine. The sons – Rafael and Andrey Shmatko – participate in the implementation of their creative projects.  Nikolai Shmatko has created more than 750 various monuments and about 500 pictures without any support from the government or sponsors. His gallery, “Shmatko & Sons”, boasts more than 80 sculptures made of Ural and Italian marble, and about 300 pictures (paintings, graphics, and architectural projects). In 2000 Nikolai Shmatko was appointed to the position of a professor of the department of creative work and arts of the Institute of World Civilizations (Moscow).  (Translations by Rafael Shmatko)

“The compositional solution about Donald Trump is reached.

This is how I see the composition, how the attitude towards people and the world politics in general can be expressed. As you can see (in the video below), I made this portrait at the background of the flag, and wrote at the bottom that this is Donald Trump.

Nikoli ShmatkoThose politicians who are running for the US presidency, are not comparable to Donald Trump.

Why? Because Trump has a wider way of thinking.

He is an energetic and strong man, and I think he will re-establish the world order. He is becoming someone like a revolutionist.

Why? Because the politics of yesterday does not correspond, as the saying goes, to the XXI Century. So when I saw this face, I realized that the world is changing, and, accordingly, I am ready to be part of such a community that would help change what is happening on our planet.

Rafael Shmatko kindly translates for the benefit of his father, Nikolai.

Rafael Shmatko kindly translates for the benefit of his father, Nikolai.

I think he is going to change his attitude towards Russia; these two superstates have to live in amity for the sake of the development of science and technology. Now we are facing lots of problems, not only in Europe and Russia, but in the USA as well.

Medicine, science and technology need to be developed. There are lots of problems there. We also have to fight poverty by all means.

It would be a delusion to say that everything is fine in the USA. He is going to face numerous problems, but he is sure to solve them, as he is an energetic and strong man.

I think he is an ambiguous personality. Some people may not like him, but this is OK. The fact that he is going to build a new state is his great victory.”

A.C. Armstrong


  1. I believe the education system needs to be unified country wide, contrasting beliefs on humanities origins is preventing the species from tackling major obstacles together. Fake news is an issue but so is fake history and pseudoscience, which thanks to the internet age is getting out of hand. It certainly isn’t good when people still don’t believe in scientific facts like air and water pollution (climate change), undeniable proof of evolution (which would help to stop racism) , space denial (!?) due to so much government distrust. Etc. Science denial in general is very dangerous. Religions need to be removed from schools or taught as a unified theory (monotheism is bad mmmkay). While MAGA is a good tag line, the planet should be taught as home first, ahead of the state.
    Television needs an overhall with less ‘science and history entertainment’ and actual science and history taking center stage, which can be made entertaining and enjoyable without having to teach lies. More foreign countries history also.
    Advertising needs to be made more ethical as does the entertainment industry in general. Children in particular need to be protected from pornography and awful role models like some in the music industry today.
    If Trump wants a lasting legacy he needs to tackle pc culture fairly. Make America look like it cares about world peace in the interests of humanity and not political influence (regime change). Also why police can’t use non lethal weapons to take down suspects baffles me.
    Education and reducing the influence of the church is a top priority for humanities long term survival, not just the next 4 years, as is gaining trust in the news and sciences. This does not mean getting rid of religion but unifying them with the plain truth (spirituality and the connection with nature).

  2. The Best Strategy for

    Make America Great Again     
    Make America the World’s Greatest Tax Haven

    Smart Trade Policy PLUS
    Intelligent Tax Reform EQUALS

    1. Trade Policy calling for 40% tariffs on Chinese and Mexican imports 
    sounds impressive, but will ignite Trade Wars and Worldwide Depression.
    2. Tax Reform with Flat Tax on Income keeps the IRS in Control of Citizens

    1. Give up Tariffs — which are disastrous for the Economy
    2. Forget the Flat Tax on Income — which keeps the IRS
    3. Back the FAIRtax — a 23% tax on Consumption — Solves Both Problems

    The FAIRtax eliminates all Federal Income Tax on Individuals and Corporations.
    It also eliminates all Payroll Taxes, the Gift Tax and the Death Tax.

    ELIMINATING Income Tax on Corporations,
    Makes America the World’s Greatest Tax Haven

    The FAIRtax will hurt China and Mexico more than Tariffs
    Plus, we can ELIMINATE the IRS

    The Fair Tax is not just intelligent Tax Reform,  it’s also very smart Trade Policy.
    US Goods become less expensive relative to Foreign goods.

    US companies will have a big tax advantage over their foreign competitors.
    US companies will no longer have to pass along the cost of these taxes to consumers.

    This would set off a virtuous cycle of favorable
    economics for Consumers and US Corporations.

    No more taxes means lower prices for consumers
    and more profit for stockholders which
    means more jobs, and higher wages which
    means more consumption which will bring in more tax revenue.
    More FREEDOM to choose => more LIBERTY for Americans.

    Soon, some of the best companies from around the world will realize that
    the United States is now the Greatest Tax Haven in the World.
    They will want move their Corporate Headquarters and Factories to the US

    These new factories here will need to hire skilled American workers.
    Millions of new JOBS will be created in the United States.

    It is better to Tax Consumption than to Tax Income.
    Zero Income Tax Rewards Productivity, Savings and Investment
    Taxing Consumption is better — because it penalizes spending.
    The FAIRtax encourages savings and investment which CREATES JOBS.

    If you hate the IRS, you’ll love it when Donald says, “You’re Fired”
    Oh, and don’t worry that the mass layoffs of IRS agents will hurt the US economy,
    because workers at the  IRS are not only non-productive,
    they are, in fact, counter-productive to the US economy.

    The FAIRtax will ensure TRUMP’s VICTORY in NOVEMBER


  3. I would love to see Donald J Trump become the next POTUS and then use his profound Witt and Skill to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
    Then I would like POTUS Trump too upgrade the ANZUS Alliance by making AUSTRALIA the 54th State of the United States of America.
    AUSTRALIA is the fiery little brother that has stood side by side with America for over 100 years in Bi Lateral Trade, World Wars, Political Wars, GOP Conferences, Major Science Projects – Interstella and NASA, Defense Projects,
    Knowledge Based Technology Gathering along with so many other Projects and Nation Building Programs ie:- Automobile Technology and Manufacturing, Textiles, Munitions, Building Products, Farming, Mining etc, the list is forever.
    The process must begin. We can learn from each other and grow.
    Stronger, United and Prepared.

  4. This election has been a very interesting one. I am so thankful to Donald Trump for entering this race and putting up his own money in the primaries. He has been saying things that we, the silent majority, has been saying for 8 years. He has given us a voice. I have been on the Trump Train since day one, June 16,2015. The lame stream media is trying to discourage us into believing this election is over and Hitlery is going to be our next dictator, er President. Don”t believe the commie media! This election is far from over. The silent majority is silent no more.

  5. Trump 4 President is an easy choice. For those of us that read multiple sources and understand how crooked Hillary is, how she will sell this country, driven by her greed (as if her war chest is not over flowing) the future and safety of myself, my kids, and grand children -there is no other choice. The excess gov’t spending – I think Trump will start whacking that waste from day 1. Obama has run USA like he is king and we are his surfs, avoiding Congress and Senate with his abuse of power – and the fact that Hillary has no friends – the Exec Orders will become the norm. I love the idea of Trump as president because he exudes: strength, fortitude, a commitment to the people (not himself) and can admit what he is not an expert at and find the QUALIFIED people to assist him in #MAGA

    I am on the Trump Train and I pray everyday the Corruption of the Dirty Democratic party will implode, waking this nation up.

    Go TRUMP!!

    • Yep, she’s also goofy as heck and obviously frail, unless properly medicated and rested. But she’ll be propped up like “Weekend at Bernies” to do the bidding of those she’s taken bribes from. The “Vast Left Wing Agenda” is beyond scummy to support and ignore these CLEAR violations of the American trust.

  6. I feel safer already knowing Donald Trump will be our next POTUS. He’s made a believer of me . His positions on a strong military, taking care of our Veterans, supporting law enforcement, lower taxes and creating jobs are all a far cry from what the Democrats have to offer.

    • Yeah, the poor vets. PTSD is just brutal, mentally and physically due to the stress it causes.

  7. We need Donald Trump in office for our safety and for America future and for our children future . He’s the only candidate who can get us out of debt but keep our borders safe. With Hillary I only see more debt and more killing of our police officer and Citizens all over the world. We must Elect Trump if not we will our freedoms….freedom of debt safety and of God.

    • With Hillary we will have bedlam… especially if she steals the election in some way. I can’t even think about it. I know Trump has it handled!

  8. 1) I would like to see the borders All closed 2) I would like to see Hillary,Bill,and any of their cronies face the music ,be Prosecuted for their crimes which are numerous. 3) Abolish the IRS , Education Assn, EPA , 4) Evaluate every employee of the Veteran Administration & immediatly terminate the employment of those who have been doing an insufficiant job !! 5) Terminate the employment of each & every department head appointed by Obama or subordinates. 6) Abolish ObamaCare & initiate a new program. 7) Establish an open/concealed Carry of Gun to those who qualify without cost in All 50 states! 8) Establish an International Intradiction Team for the purpose of pursuit of wanted Fugitives who have fled to avoid prosecution of crimes committed in the USA .9) Establish a Cancer Fund to aid indigant Cancer Patients who have fallen on hard times and unable to make ends meet . 10) Re-constitute & re-enforce GotMo in Easteern Cuba for the purpose of containment of International War Criminals & combatants !

  9. I am not American, I come from Croatia,EU but for years I am living in the Philippines. In my opinion if America becomes more weak we all will become weak. Just look at the situation with all this refuges coming from Syria. Among them are plenty terrorist who enters our countries so so easily. And then we are all shocked and suprised when something like Paris attacks happens. We need stronger USA..we all must become more stronger and connected and not let anyone even to think that he or she can destroy our way of life.Mr.Trump has courage to do what he says. His business is for years successful and that is why I strongly believe he can pull out USA from economical crisis. And this pull we will all follow!

    • Thanks Nenad, it’s so great to hear from someone outside the country and realize how what a widespread appeal this common sense, straight-talking approach has on anyone that truly wants permanent, lasting, sensible change in the world. I appreciate your comment! -Alexx

  10. Alexx,
    Tremendous page! I also love your article “pigs-flying-in-Iowa”. You’re a very informed and talented writer!

    He’s our ticket back to a First Class AMERICA that the World will Fear and Respect Again.

    A President Trump will make AMERICA’S
    MILITARY Second to None.



    Fondly, (your #1 Twitter follower)

    Pete Shelby @pisstestme

    • Hey Buddy… You’re so sweet. Yeah, we’re in good company aren’t we… SO MANY people are all in, and thank God for that because we have some really rather evil, manipulative opposition we are all going to have to remain strong for. I believe in Trump’s strength in all areas. As a business person myself, I know how you have to gut through situations sometimes that are really good training for gritting your teeth around TOTAL INCOMPETENCE AND UTTER DUPLICITY.

      Thank YOU for helping #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. Oh, and #WhatWillTrumpDoNEXT ? -Alexx

  11. I was so glad that a man of private sector business jumped into the race for The President of the United States! Our founding fathers believed that anyone running for office should be sacrifing they’re private sector job and give to the Nationalism of America for a term limit. Everything about WhatWillTrumpDo is stop the madness of the lefty liberalism Politically Correct bs, close our borders, arm the American citizen, negotiate YUGE trade deals =manufacturing and jobs, wealth to bring down our debt! We have such an amazing opportunity to have Donald J. trump as our president 🇺🇸 Ab Lincoln ➡️ ..of the people, by the people, for the people; shall not perish from the Earth

    • EXACTLY BARBARA! An “outsider” that doesn’t buy the mealy-mouthed drivel the politicians are accustomed to using to justify their lack of performance for the people! AND now we’re seeing the MADNESS come bursting out of the seams in response to Trump threatening to shed light on the cockroaches! Thanks so much for your comments! -Alexx #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #WhatWillTrumpDoNEXT ?

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