Joy Swogetinsky @JoySwogetinskyJoy Swogetinsky @JoySwogetinsky

I’m fun. I’m single. And I love to cook. follow me and I’ll follow. I’m a Christian.

I believe that Trump might get us out of debt, but straight into a war. To be honest, I think we should make him the speaker of the house, that would be more entertaining. Besides I can’t vote for a man who can’t even control his own hair.

Alethea Chef DeHotel @AletheaChef

Alethea Chef DeHotel @AletheaChef  

Artist/Nurse/Thinker Loves: God, Family, America, & the Great Outdoors

If he builds a wall and secures all our borders; land, sea & air, then Trump will be a true American hero!

Gail Lessard @ktscarlit

Gail Lessard @ktscarlit

Conservative/Libertarian who will not conform to fit someone else’s idea of what that should mean. Let’s exchange ideas and learn from each other. #TLOT

Love that he’s not bought and paid for.

Love unfiltered speak.

He should address that libs call him bigot. We need 2 fight back on this untrue claim!

Captain Jack @jack_supernovaCaptain Jack @jack_supernova

Viet-Nam http://veteran-U.S.Army #NRA #tcot #pjnet #rememberBengahzi #Constitution #realDonaldTrump #TrumpArmy #VFW #DAV #stopHillary #NRAfrontlines #NEPA

Mr.Trump unlike other candidates tells the truth, a rare thing these days.

I believe he will do everything he said he will do.

Trump is a man of action, a very successful business man and a job creator.

I believe he will bring American companies back to the U.S. where they belong.

Will he build a wall to stop the flow of illegals into our country? I believe he will. Our country is being destroyed from within and I believe Mr.Trump will “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

The majority of Americans are fed up with politics as usual. Now it’s time to enforce our laws, obey the Constitution and stand up for America, Mr.Trump is the only candidate who can and will do just that.

Phyllis Gibson @gibsonart

Phyllis Gibson @gibsonart

Painter and Sculptor

I think he will do all in his power to keep America safe and return big business to America and keep unwanted illegals out of the country.

I’d like to see our country stay as it has been for years for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

During these last Obama years things have changed so quickly if another person gets into the government sharing those ideas I believe America will be beyond help. And I think Mr. Trump can do all within his power to return us to what our forefathers intended the country to be.

I just would like to see our country back as it once was. I believe he is the best man for the job.

Kelli Heller @sweettweeter67

Kelli Heller @sweettweeter67

Love Life, Family, and having fun 🙂 What else can you ask for?

I’m interested mostly in securing our borders, repealing Obamacare and the right to bear arms.

Patricia McMillan @9ed78b6265ac4c7Patricia McMillan @9ed78b6265ac4c7

Mom and grandmom. Getting older but still kicking. Faith, family and following current events keeps me busy. Tired of watching the ignorant destroy this country!

Secure that southern border and STOP the flood of illegal immigration. Let’s begin again & do it right.

Make our military strong & proud again…they are demoralized right now…


SO MUCH MORE….repeal Obama care ….fix what needed fixing. Trump has articulated what needs done……

STOP immigration from people who harbor hatred for OUR way of life!

And always tell us the TRUTH! ENOUGH with patronizing, lying weasel politicians from BOTH sides of that nonexistent aisle they keep talking about. They forget they are our servants…sent to DC to do OUR will!

K St @kst2456K St @kst2456 

I love God, my kids, family, and the USA. Live life to the fullest, one day at a time! Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway!

The main thing I want to see, is the people of this great country united in “hope” again.

For far to long now, we have sat back, listened to empty promises, and haven’t had one thing to give us hope and courage to fight for this great country and for what we believe in, and stand for. It’s time we all pull together and start mending the U.S. of A, one stich at a time. One vote at a time.

Jobs and security at our borders run high on my list…

For 6 and a half years, I carried my dying husband across the state from one Veteran’s hospital to another looking for the best care. He was in the Army, and in Vietnam. He died 5 year ago. All things said and done, I think and so did he, got better care , compassion, and concern from his regular medical doctor.

Veteran’s should never be left behind or discarded as if their lives don’t matter once they return from serving our Country. They should be able to go to whomever they want to, for their medical care. It is their right of choice…

I’ll hush now. TY for all you do.

The Trumpident @The_Trumpident

The Trumpident @The_Trumpident 

“Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing” -DJT Inspired citizen, energized by the idea of making America great again!

Hello. Most important is he really cares about the country and people and will look out for our best interests and not the donors, special interests and lobbyists, like most politicians. Also, he will make great deals with other countries so we don’t lose on trade. He will also be strong on terrorism and fighting ISIS.

In addition I really believe he will build a wall and get our illegal immigration laws enforced which will help American jobs and take some of the burden off taxpayers.

Most important quality that he has and I’ve always looked for is he is in this to really change the country for the better and he’s not owned by anyone and can’t be bought. Hope this help! 🙂

Mitchell McNeely @mightymitchell1

Mitchell McNeely @mightymitchell1

Never fear I’m still here, US Army retired, Disabled in car accident, conservative, anti libtards, anti socialists, anti commies, Armed gun toter and know how to use.

I believe he’ll be able to get people in congress to work together for the good of the country in ALL areas,he has great people he knows who will help. He isn’t a one man show, he knows it takes a team. And …drum roll please….he’ll fire Obama right on the White House steps.

Thanks for asking me my opinion and tell Mr.Trump thanks for loving America. I believe he knows if this country isn’t put on the right path AGAIN, not only will the country he loves be just a book in history, his work, the money he’s made and and all he’s ever worked for will be ruined. That’s why he’s doing this.

Marcus Guerrero @GuerreroMarcus

Marcus Guerrero @GuerreroMarcus

We are one nation under God. I am an American Patriot that gave service to the US Army active duty. #BUCKOFAMA #AdamAndEve #AllLivesMatter #Trump2016

The one thing Donald Trump will do that all politicians are afraid of doing is telling the truth. We need a man that is not just going to talk the talk but walk the walk.

Matie Smith @smith_matie

Matie Smith @smith_matie

Replace the puppets in Washington WITH entrepreneurs and small business people who understand the economy in real life not just statistically.

Begin shrinking the size and scope of the federal government dramatically.

AZ4Trump @AZ_4_TRUMPAZ4Trump @AZ_4_TRUMP

#Arizona will fight to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain! #WakeUpAmerica #SecureTheBorder #NoAmnesty #TRUMP2016

The most dramatic change that I see Trump already making is a renewed pride in and love for our country.

With that foundation and the unity that it creates we as a nation can do anything.

dana dorfman @DanaMissAuthordana dorfman @DanaMissAuthor

World Famous Biographer, Social Critic, Confucius Schmoozer, BS Academician, Oops Expert & Leading Authority on Bull, The Screw Up & Kiss My Fanny Etiquette  yourhollywoodbiographer.com

Trump has mastered the art of smart~ Confucius Schmoozer

TheRealCharlesSmith @howell86me2

TheRealCharlesSmith @howell86me2

Just trying to make the best of life, Actor,writer, all around lover of life

Well I love the fact trump wants to make a bigger tax return for us and bring back that saying the American dream the land of possibilities. The United States has lost that quote do to bad leaders.

I also appreciate how he wants to protect against immigrant that come to do harm in our country. We need to build up our borders more now than ever. I do believe in good immigrants but I also see some that come to cause problems.

I respect Donald Trump and will vote for him!!!!

Another thing I love about the guy is he is not afraid to speak the truth and be heard. A man that can stand up and say exactly what everyone else is thinking but don’t have the passion or dignity to stand up and say it deserves to be our leader!!!

bajjer @insertdays2liveBajjer @insertdays2live

Awake, Enlightenment-values Brit against globalism, Islam, Nazism & all authoritarianism. Allies: liberty lovers of any race. Islamic takeover must be stopped

I’d like to see Trump continue to dismantle the political establishment and work for the interests of the American people.

Di J @Di00000000Di J @Di00000000

#1A #2ADefenders #Christian #anti-Obama #NoRefugees #notPoliticallycorrect praying for #trump #cruz no #TPP

Biggest weakness that if not corrected will lose him presidency is supreme court
He mentioned family that is for abortion.
Also if he appointed liberal no 2A
Love borders, limited h1b visa, no common core. Economy is his strength.
But supreme court nominations could sink him.

#TrumpAndCruz united we stand DON’T let DEMOCRATS win

Julie Driscoll @jbear53Julie Driscoll @jbear53

Daughter of WWII vets, mama, grandma, conservative Christian, patriot and self -proclaimed goofball.

Hi Alexx…

What I hope for, should he be elected, is that he’ll be able to get the Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians working together in the best interests of this country and the American people. Our politicians are, after all, working for US but by the way they’ve been acting it seems they’re only interested in promoting their own self-interests and being politically correct.

I am so sick of the lies they all spew….that’s why I love The Donald…..he says exactly what he thinks and he knows what he wants to do.

If he surrounds himself with the right people, people that are seriously interested as he is in getting this country back on the right track, I think/hope we’ll be ok. It ain’t gonna be easy but if anyone can do it, I think HE can!

I pray he can because I don’t want my grandchildren to pay for the idiocy of our current administration.

And one more thing…..as much as I miss my mom and pop, I am so glad that they’re not here to see this current mess. They were true patriots and I’m sure they must be rolling in their graves!

Pete Shelby @pisstestme

Pete Shelby @pisstestme

BS/JD ATP (Ret.) •Reagan Rep PRO •Const/2A •Military/Vets •Israel ANTI •ISLAM •ILLEGALS •Dems ALL IN 4TRUMP

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink . . . when they get up in the morning that’s the best they’re gonna feel all day.” Dean Martin

President Trump will stem the flow of dangerous ILLEGALS at the BORDER.

He will deport RADICAL ISLAMICS and crush ISIS.

He’ll support our troops and build our military that the World will fear and, based on his PROVEN track record of fiscal responsibility.

He’ll get us out of debt. See my recent tweet on $/VOTES spent. I look forward to following you tweets.

Pete Shelby

Ronald White @RDWHITE15EASYRONALD WHITE @rdwhite15easy  

Conservative US Navy Disabled Vietnam Veteran. I love my family and my country. I love golf and corvettes and travel. I am a Retired Manager US Postal Service.

Bringing back a America that is safe, productive, and fiscally responsible to bring down our debts and bring Isis to its knees and rid the world of radical Islamic terrorists 🇺🇸

Jill @JillieBean1210

Jill @JillieBean1210 

CFO at Home

Hey Alexx! 👍🇺🇸

The KEY things I would like to see Trump do for our Country would be

  • 1) Build a Wall on the Mexican Border
  • 2) Actually uphold the Illegal Immigrant Laws…don’t let them get “out of the radar”. If you can’t keep up with them, DON’T let them in!
  • 3) Deport ALL Illegal Immigrants IMMEDIATELY! They’re breaking the Law. Uphold OUR LAWS!!!
  • 4) Legal Immigrants who commit crimes should be deported! Period.
  • 5) Tax Reform
  • 6) Immigrants MUST pay Taxes!!!
  • 7) Veterans & Americans should be the only ones receiving Government benefits because WE pay for them! When an Immigrant pays taxes, then they should be entitled to Government Benefits and not until then.
  • 8) Put Hillary in JAIL!
  • 9) This one may be pushing it but I’m still listing it. Require a test to Vote in an Election of 2 questions…if they CANNOT name the CURRENT PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT…they should NOT be allowed to Vote!!  To drive you have to pass a test. What’s wrong with 2 BASIC questions? If they can’t answer those 2 questions they have NO IDEA WHAT’S going on anyway.

Shane Haniford @shanhaniford

Shane Haniford @shanhaniford

There can be only Trump! Donald J Trump is the only one with skin in the game. married, father of 9. pro America. Christian. Let’s make America Great again!

If Mr. Trump will follow through with deporting people not here legally, keeping people that mean Americans harm from entering and bringing back fair play to our trade with foreign entities it will increase American’s earnings, and reduce debt, deficit and the need for governmental assistance.

That alone will go far in making America great again.

Picking SCOTUS that believe in constitutional rights and American exceptionalism is vital as well. Those few items will affect almost every problem we have in America today.

Thank you, Shane

@LIFE & LIBERTY @AndreaWeslien

@LIFE & LIBERTY @AndreaWeslien


My #1 concern is ISIS infiltration.  Border wall!

Take 1700+ IRS AGENTS 4 O’care tracking & put them on FBI terror tracking team. ☆

Joseph DeLuca @007cigarjoeJoseph DeLuca @007cigarjoe  

TRUMP 2016 !!! ENOUGH SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I want Trump to do everything he is saying he will do like, Wall, Migration, ISIS, Economy, Veterans, Health care, Military, Corruption in Government. I Am With Trump 1000%

@tprdmansgirl TrumpsIrishGirl

TrumpsIrishGirl @TprDmansgirl

A proud wife to a PATrooper with 23yrs on. A Mother, Nan & Christian tired of our country’s downfall     

Kill the deficit.

Protect us from Isis.

Let’s put more into homeless families, CHILD HUNGER -1 in 4 children go to bed having had nothing to eat all day unless in school! This bothers me greatly!

Mend bridges with Putin. Donald Trump is a master Negotiator and has tremendous people skills. I think He had the best chance of mending bridges with Putin. He idolized Reagan and Reagan pulled it off with Gorbachev.

Put Korea in its place. Not in a Obama way, but in a strong, take no nonsense way.

Repeal Obama Care!

Uphold the second amendment. This is very important. Many gun owners feel their rights are being threatened and I agree! Obama isn’t telling the whole truth regarding his anti gun policy. If martial law is declared, the government has the right to come into Americans homes, seize their guns leaving them defenseless.

Put a judge on the supreme court bench who’ll fight to end late term abortion and put an end to women choosing without input from the father.

Strengthen our military. Give them the equipment they need to do their jobs best and give their families more support at home! The wives are just as detrimental to our country as the soldiers because they keep the family balanced. As a PA trooper’s wife, support our police officers! Give them the respect the GOOD ones out their deserve!

Finally, require everyone on welfare be mandated to be drug tested continually while receiving benefits. So many are raping the system.

@DisabledOfficer #InjusticeforAll

#InjusticeforAll @DisabledOfficer 

Disabled Retired N.Y.S. Court Officer

I think if Mr. Trump is elected he will run the Country like a business.

Mr. Trumps business experience will help cut our debt.

Cathy @cathyspartanj

Cathy @cathyspartanj 

I’m tired of the corruption, lies & career politicians ! Its time to stop the madness. Done watching incompetence & greed ruin America, my country. Go Trump!

I know President Trump will put AMERICANS first.

He understands. Jobs are key in order to bring America back.

His work ethic speaks volumes to all who witness him.

He leads by example oppose to just talk –  speaks the truth whether we like it or not.

I feel safe knowing he will be leading our military that he loves with all his heart.  He will Never put them in harms way as his pride in America will not allow us to fail.

God bless Donald Trump and may Gods Speed bring him to the White House 🙏

Callisa @Calisa69

Callisa @Calisa69

40/married/no kids/hates sports/loves nature/graduate of PCDI for Soil/water conservation/forestry/wildlife management/wiccan/hates politics/loves guns/and more

Trump is the best true Leader is how I feel.

I am tired of seeing America fail. We worked and fought and are still fighting for everything we have.. it makes me sad and mad to see it all go to waste.

I have never voted before .. because we have never really been in this much ….hell.. but this time.. I am voting for Trump.

disco joe.joseph s. scala.atSCALAENTJoseph Scala “DISCO JOE” @scalaent


Provide safety and restore our freedom in America.

Create more jobs, lower our taxes, strengthen our military, help the USA get affordable health care and especially our VETERANS in the USA.

Which he has already done at his RALLY / FUND RAISER!

Gladys Pankey @GMP3756

Gladys Pankey @GMP3756

Trumps actions will match his words.

Trump determination already proves president position is for him.

Cheryl Shepley @shelpley_cheryl

Cheryl Shepley @shelpley_cheryl

Independent American Woman. I Believe in 1God 1People 1Nation INDIVISIBLE. Bill of Rights+Constitution=Divine Providence! Good Stewardship is EVERYTHING!

We need 2 DEPORT –  NO IMPORT – NO SUPPORT 4 Immigrant invaders.

All  age 12-50 must go.

OUR jobs – Benefits – Education

VOTE ONLY 4 American Born!

Trump = ONLY Leader available!

lionel e gray @graylion11

Lionel E. Gray @graylion11  

Conservative, Flag Loving American, GUN LOVER Obama and All Liberals Hater. May All Liberals be banned From the USA. And don’t forget they love Muslims.



MANY, MANY thanks to all of you who kindly took your time to share your views.

As a new majority – unafraid to speak the truth – we may help gain a TRUE understanding of
the potentially amazing future we have in front of us. -Alexx

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