Tell me again why we need Semi-Automatic Rifles?

Is it me?


Perhaps it takes a bigger brain than mine to get this:

These are plenty of choices for me... but that's just my opinion.

These are plenty of choices for me… but that’s just my opinion.

I dearly LOVE guns, but I guess I just think that would be one thing I could be flexible on if it meant less circulation of them to be grabbed up legally or otherwise by kooks wanting to be Bad Rambo.  A single shot handgun does give the target more time to save themselves.

I’ve grown up with guns in the house and shooting guns them my whole life…  I was taught very strictly how to respect them, and how to shoot them.

They are the great equalizer, and I have had more nights than I can count where I was able to get to sleep because I had my hand on my gun under my pillow.

I would never consider hunting an animal, but I love them for self-protection and target practice, and I get a total rush out of being a crack shot.  I would have no problem using one to defend myself.

I also think the world would definitely be safer if the crazies had to EXPECT most people had a gun handy. Seriously… wouldn’t they find a less lethal way to get attention?

I just don’t get the assault rifle appeal, personally, as much as I imagine it’s like the coolest video game ever. I like a feeling of EXTREME CONTROL over my shooting. Fast is just not an item for me.

Having said all that, I did hear an interview recently where someone said people do indeed hunt with them, and who am I to tell someone they can’t have fun in the style to which they’ve become accustomed to handling RESPONSIBLY?

What do you think?


A.C. Armstrong

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  1. Tell me why we need electricity running water automobiles phones television plastic so on and so on; all of which the human race survived without for thousands of years and then you will have answered your own question.

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