Aaaand HE’S OUT! Trump dumps the debate.



.pd1 www.flickr.comSLpeopleSLgageskidmoreOnce again, Trump is playing by his own rules.  And the hue and cry from liberals and conservatives alike is hilariously deafening.

And doesn’t the mainstream media just hate true independent thought?!

In what Jonathan Karl, Chief White House Correspondent, called a “High-risk move at a “bizarre time”,  Trump announces he has better things to do debate night than reward Fox for unprofessional behavior by lining their pockets again.

Is indulging their “light weight” moderator, Megyn Kelly, really debate-worthy?  We think not.

15 reasons Trump’s choice to abstain from the Fox debate is far from bizarre:

  1. MODERATORS NEED TO BE MODERATE:  By definition, a “moderator” for a debate acts as a neutral party who maintains the focus of the debate.  Megan Kelly has clearly come out as anti-Trump:  Of all available professional anchors in the world, do you really think she can be FAIR and MODERATE?  After proving she can’t handle the temptation in the previous debate?
  2. TRUMP ISN’T A DUMMY:  Trump clearly and repeatedly stated he recognized the Megyn Kelly “set-up” for what it was the first time around in the August GOP debate.
  3. TRUMP OWED FOX NOTHING:  Trump had no obligation to be used a second time to feed Fox and sponsors’ greed by attracting 24 Million voyeurs for more sanctimonious Megyn Kelly grandstanding.
  4. FOX IS LAME TO LEAVE THE TROUBLEMAKER IN THE RING:  In all these months is it too much to expect Fox to wrangle a MODERATE moderator?
  5. TRUMP DON’T PLAY OR BEG, AND WE ALL KNOW IT:  A large part of Trump’s appeal is his refusal to play politically-correct games at his – or his countries’ – expense.  This is a powerful quality to have as the future leader of the free world.
  6. TRUMP HAS NO RESPONSIBILITY TO FILL FOX COFFERS OR TOLERATE SUBSTANDARD TREATMENT.  Why bring millions of supporters to create record-breaking ratings for Fox if no consideration for providing qualified moderators is returned.
  7. TRUMP HAS BIGGER FISH TO FRY:  Playing media games is insipid.  Helping  wounded warriors and talking to real people about real issues in Iowa – not insipid.
  9. TRUMP DOES EVERYTHING FOR A REASON:  Usually many more than one.
  10. THE DEBATES HAVE BECOME A LARGELY A WASTE OF TIME:  Minor players suck up the bul of the time while Trump brings the bulk of the viewers… and Trump tires quickly of wasting time.
  11. TRUMP HAS PLENTY OF WAYS TO CONNECT WITH HIS NOISY MAJORITY:  At this critical time leading up to the Iowa primary, using his own ways and means to connect with the people and get IMPORTANT information out is prudent.
  12. THE DEBATE NEEDS TO BE ABOUT THE ISSUES, NOT THE MODERATORS:  After the first GOP debate, the cacophony surrounding the Megyn Kelly issue almost totally eclipsed any real information on REAL issues.  Megan’s agenda was obviously desperation to make HERSELF the issue.  After the CNBC debate NBC got spanked for the same nonsense – making the debate about the moderators questions instead of the candidates.
  13. FOX’S SNOTTY PRESS RELEASES MOCKING TRUMP – THE FRONT RUNNER – INDICATE THEY READILY ENGAGE IN DRAMA FOR DRAMA SAKE:  Trump foresight strikes again.  Would they know “moderate” if it knocked them down?
  14. PUTIN VS. KELLY IN RELATIVE IMPORTANCE?  IT’S HARD TO PUT THEM BOTH IN THE SAME SENTENCE.  Is it really necessary to delineate between the importance of a world leader and MEGYN KELLY?  Please.
  15. THE INFERENCE THAT TRUMP WAS “AFRAID” WAS THE HEIGHT OF DISRESPECT AND DISHONESTY.  The man is accessible to media and the public on a CONSTANT basis.  CONSTANT.  Answering ANY question from ANY reporter, winning every debate, doing more TV and Radio Interviews than any other candidates combined

And another thing!

How can Fox possibly believe Kelly is a qualified moderator?

Kelly has clearly demonstrated:

  • Unabashed bias; the height of unprofessionalism.
  • Near-fiendish, opportunistic impulses to trot out her personal agenda.
  • An obsession with Trump, evidenced by previous diatribes attacking him, leading into her biased questions, along with doing multiple shows about why he shouldn’t be involved in this race.
  • Her inability to resist attacking Trump is so thinly veiled as to turn each preface for a question into bashing.
  • Obvious inability to be, or even ACT, moderate.

With light-weights like Megyn Kelly shrilly trotting her pet opinions out for the sake of elevating her visibility and with Fox choosing to repeat it in their abject greed, what would be the point of a debate, anyway?

In summary…


It is not Trump’s responsibility to fill Fox’s coffers or create careers for their anchors.

If Kelly’s and Fox’s choice to risk driving Trump away made any sense at all, the debate should have landslide viewers despite Trump’s exit, and Fox shouldn’t lose any part of that carrot in front of their nose.  Correct?

If it’s proven to be a bad decision, then maybe we can dare hope to dispense with unprofessional moderators manipulating the system for their own 15 minutes in the shared spotlight and get on with REAL debates going forward.


A.C. Armstrong

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